Why the tolerance break then if you hate it so much?

1. Spending WAY too much money on it and I’m in the middle of moving out and moving cities so I need as much money in my pockets as possible.

2. Takes me way too much to get high. My friends are all high for hours and my high starts to die after a half hour or so. Tolerance break will obviously help that.

3. For the past 6 months or so I have made a habit of smoking every hour. Some of those months I was having a very bad time with life and was using it intentionally to lose touch with reality and now sometimes it feels like I don’t know how to get back. I often used weed to justify the decisions I was making that I was well aware were poor and hurtful to myself and my future. I was accepting everything that happened in my life as is, good or bad, without wanting to be proactive about making my life as cool and happy and fun as possible.

4. Mixing it with my medications and general mental illness is not the best idea and sometimes (not often, but enough to be scary) causes me to face uncomfortable or dangerous situations.

Marijuana is a fucking great drug. It does great things for a lot of people if, as with most great things, is used in moderation and not as a crutch, which I have obviously failed to do. This break will hopefully correct my behaviour and I can get back to reality and fully enjoy my new city, house, friends, and boyfriend. :)

can’t tell if weed withdrawals or Oliver withdrawals

"My body is a dead language and you pronounced every word perfectly"
— Sierra DeMulder (via cigarattes)

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