When I think about my exes i honestly laugh until I have tears pouring out of my eyeballs like I just thought about this guy I dated 2 years ago and my face is wet

also we buy these huge bones for my mastiff and my lil elderly yorkie-shih tzu tries to run around with them in his mouth and they’re bigger than him and hahahaha i LOVE DOGS

whenever i sit outside at my thinkin desk my dog always comes with me and then he goes back inside after like ten minutes

then two minutes after that he scratches at the door again wanting back out and sprints his lil legs out of the house like he hasn’t been outside in ten years {and like he isn’t old af and has a heart condition} he’s so cute i love him

When I was 11 my friend and I were weighing ourselves and I pushed down on the scale and pretended that I weighed more because I wished I did regardless that i was average weight for my size and it makes me so sad that now most 11 year olds are all wishing they weighed less

I’m confused about why I got this

Thank you for sharing though